Otto Shiu-tian HUANG
TEL:(02) 2391-3808 EXT:125 or 122


National Taiwan University (LL.B.)
National Chengchi University (LLM)
National Chengchi University (Candidate for PH.D.)


Government Consulting
Labor and Employment
Affairs of Education
Administrative Measures of Recourse
General Corporate
Tax Law
Banking, Finance and Securities
Fair Trade Law
Environmental Protection
Participate in drawing the draft of “Education Basic Law ” (Non-Government Version),“The Counterproposal of Amendment on Trademark Law”( the Version of Taipei Bar Association )

  Treasurer; Deputy Secretary-General; Member of the Board of Directors; Secretary-General, Taipei Bar Association
Treasurer; Deputy Secretary-General; Representative of Members; Secretary-General, Taiwan Bar Association
Deputy Executive; Chief Executive of the Institute of Professional Formation of Attorneys, Taiwan Bar Association
Member of the Council of Private Schools, Ministry of Education
Ombudsman, Taipei City Government
Member of the Commission for the Teachers’ Complaint, Taipei City Government
Member of the Committee of Municipal Election, Taipei City Government
Arbitrator, The Arbitration Association of the Republic of China
Current Post
  Executive Officer & Partner, Primordial Law Firm
Executive Commissioner of General-Affairs, Judicial Reform Foundation
Member, Legal Consulting Committee, Ombudsman, Member of the Panel of State Compensation of Ministry of Education
Member, Panel of the Eligibility of Teachers, Taipei City Government, Education Department
Legal Counsel, Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei
Editor, The Taiwan Law Review
Member, Board of Directors of the Alumni Association, National Chengchi University
Treasurer, Chi-Nan Law Research & Education Foundation
Member, Ching Jung Children Safety Foundation
Deputy Executive, Special Committee “Legal Education from Childhood” of Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation
Member, Administrative Law Institute of Taiwan
Member, Chi-Nan Legal Research Association
Member, Labor Law Institute of Taiwan
Member, Law Society of R.O.C.
Member, Review Committee of Legal Aid Foundation
  «The Judicial Review of Science & Technology» (Thesis for Master Degree)
«A Study on the Policy of Pollution Dispute Settlement and its Legal System» (co-author, Published by Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of Executive Yuan)
«Collection of Hundred Judgments on the Civil Matters» (co-author, Published by The Taiwan Law Review)
«New Analysis on Fair Trade Law» (co-author, Published by The Taiwan Law Review)
«Brief Introduction to the Law on the Protection of Consumers» (Published by Modern Flesh Magazine No. 21)
«Imitation, Anti-Imitation, Averting Imitation» (Published by The Taiwan Law Review No. 7)
«Give me a Good Reason, Your Honorable Grand Justices, Please» (co-writer, Published by Business Weekly Publishing Inc., 2003.1)
«The Current Situation and Expectation of the Legal Education of Junior High and Elementary School in Taiwan» (Lawyers Magazine No. 281, 2003.2)
«Dear teacher, you may also do this way ! » (Published by Business Weekly Publishing Inc., 2004.11)
8F., No.94, Sec.2, Jhongsiao E. Rd., Taipei City 10053, Taiwan