Jason J.P. CHANG
TEL:(02) 2391-3808 EXT:205


Franklin Pierce Law Center, Intellectual Property Rights Research (1998)
National Taipei University legal science, LLM (1988 to 1991)
National Taiwan University Department of Law, LLB (1984 to 1988)


Patent, Trademark & Copyright Litigation
International Patent & Trademark Prosecution
Intellectual Property Rights Management
International Commercial Contracts
Commercial Litigation
Unfair Competition and Anti-Competitive Practices

  Taiwan International Patent Law Office, Senior Attorney (1993 to 2003)
Taipei Teachers Appeal Committee, Member (1999 to 2005)
Current Post
  Senior Consultant Attorney, Primordial Law Firm
R.O.C. Patent Agent
People’s Judicial Reform Foundation Committee, Executive Member
Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy, Seed Teacher
The Law Makes Sense, Book Source/Shuchuan Publishing Co.,April 1999.
Trademark Law, Book Source/ Shuchuan Publishing Co., April 1995.
Counterfeits and the Fair Trade Law (Revision of Master’s Thesis), author’s republication, June 1992.
Professional Legal Articles
The distinction of color, sound, and 3-Dimensional Trademark, Intellectual Property Right Journal, September, 2007.
The experimental use exception in Patent Law and Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Intellectual Property Right Journal, April, 2007.
To make a preliminary showing for an injunction maintaining a temporary status quo in intellectual property cases,Intellectual Property Right Journal, February, 2007.
The comment on “Patent is only a kind of exclusive right”, Intellectual Property Right Journal, June, 2006.
Research on Article 20 of the Fair Trade Law: A Discussion of the Social and Legal System, July 1993.
Case Analysis of Article 20 of the Fair Trade Law, Information Law Analysis, January 1994.
Whether the Fair Trade Law Can Prevent Counterfeiting?, Intellectual Property Rights and Standards, December 1994.
Trends in the Protection of the Trade Dress, The Taiwan Law Review, December 1995.
Protection Provisions In Addition to Article 20, Paragraph 2 of the Fair Trade Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Standards, January 1996.
Practically or Technically Functional Symbol, Intellectual Property Rights and Standards, February 1996.
Scope of Protection Standards for the Trade Dress, Taipei Bar Journal, April 1997.
Law-Related Education Articles
The sentiment about Law-Related Education-after World Congress on Civic Education BUENOS AIRES,The 60th attorney’s Date anniversary Journal published by Taiwan Bar Association,September 2007。
To Promote the sense of rule of law-the record of “Planting the seeds of Law-Related Education” activities from 2003 to 2006,Taiwan Bar Journal,June 2006.
Moot Training of Law-related Education: An Examination of Movie Law, Taipei Bar Journal, February 2003 (published under the pen name Chang ,Jason).
The trip of law-related education to Japan, Taipei Bar Journal , February 2003.
Analysis of The Grand Justices of the Judicial Yuan Interpretation 556, Judicial Reform Magazine, February 2003.
Enlightenment by Judgments Written in the Vernacular, Judicial Reform Magazine, August 2002.
Discussion on Starting Out on the Road to a System of Law-related Education , Judicial Reform Magazine, June 2002.
Comment: “Adversary System of Criminal Prosecution," Judicial Reform Magazine, April 1999.
Reducing Criminal Activity in Youth: Considerations Concerning the Exemption of the Age of Responsibility, Judicial Reform Magazine, April 1998.
From Suit to Retrial: Discussion of Civil Procedure and Appeal System (1) and (2), The Law and You, August and September 1993.
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